Scholarships and Financial Aid for Swiss Professional Degree

Tschumi Foundation

One application per student may be submitted once a year based on the following criteria:

  • Swiss citizens or citizens of other nations who have lived in Switzerland for at least five years before the start of the training and who are studying at HFThun at the time the funding is awarded
  • Applicants or their legal representatives must have low income/assets (please submit current tax data)
  • Member HotellerieSuisse:
    - Applicants who have a direct connection to a member business and
    - Applicants who are children of representatives of the member categories hotel and restaurant business
  • Proof of outstanding performance (criteria are listed below)

The basis is the EFZ degree including grades, the high school diploma or a semester certificate from our school.

Proof of performance includes:

  • GPA of 5.2 or
  • Individual grade 6.0 in a business or industry-specific performance area or
  • Individual grade 6.0 in an independently written individual work (Matura thesis, diploma thesis or similar)
Proof of outstanding performance that serves the industry and can be documented with a meaningful report from a reference person (e.g. employer, teacher, vocational trainer).

Applications with the required supporting documents must be submitted by January 31 or July 31 at the latest.

Applications submitted too late cannot be considered. A new application with the relevant documents must be submitted by the next deadline.

Contact us and send your application form

Hotelfachschule Thun (49)

Scholarships and training loans from the cantons/cities

Students can apply for one-off or recurring financial aids or loans from their canton of residence during their studies.
Detailed information is available at

To submit an application, please contact the canton directly. Some cities or communities also have a scholarship fund, such as the city of Thun,

Award criteria

  • Swiss citizens
The canton in which the parents have their place of residence under civil law or in which the last competent guardianship authority is based is responsible for the scholarship application.
  • Persons with foreign citizenship
Persons who are in Switzerland solely for the purpose of studying are not eligible for a grant.

Financial Aid for Postgraduate Degree

Program participants whose company is subject to the L-GAV at the time of registration may benefit from the financial support of the L-GAV. In addition, the employer may receive compensation for loss of earnings in the form of per diems.  

The Hans Schellenberg Foundation of the Association of Graduate Hoteliers also awards scholarships and interest-free loans.

Find out about the conditions and procedure directly from their website.