Are you responsible for occupational safety and health protection in your company? The KOPAS course uses a tried and tested industry solution that teaches how best to implement the legal requirements.  

Work safety training

A health and safety course tailored to the hospitality industry

In order to implement the legal requirements in the area of occupational safety and health protection, the professional associations have jointly developed a practice-oriented industry solution for their member companies. This course is dedicated to company owners and managers, or the person they have appointed to be responsible for occupational health and safety.

The course is built on the "Operations Manual" for the implementation of the hospitality industry solution.

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Why is this course important?

The law stipulates that each company must have a person of contact for work safety. This person will be trained in our mandatory one-day course. The course meets the requirements of the Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety (EKAS) and is based on the industry solution "Occupational Safety and Health Protection in the Hospitality Industry" (EKAS Guideline 6508) and provides many checklists and fact sheets.

At the end of the course, participants will know the hospitality industry solution to ensure occupational safety and health protection, and they will be able to coordinate its implementation in their company.

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Health & safety course contents

  • Aim and purpose of the law
  • Causes of accidents and health hazards at the workplace
  • Prevention of health hazards and occupational accidents
  • Management of occupational accidents
  • Prevention of lost working days
  • Aspects of integral safety
  • Handling and application of the instruments of the operating instructions
  • Implementation of the EKAS guidelines in the company
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For HotellerieSuisse members or members of another supporting association: CHF 290.

For non-members: CHF 330.

The costs include lunch, additional documentation, development costs and the official certificate.