André Berger

Community catering

Michael Bolt

Social security

Sophie Bürgin

Innovation management

Simon Burkhalter

Employee management

Amadeo Disasi

Setting up a business

Michael Fleischhacker

Care Gastronomy

Daniel G. Fuchs

People & Leadership

Andrea Gander

Disruptive Innovation

Miriam Gantert


Roger Gfeller

Information Technology

Urs Hirschi

Employee management, corporate management, business planning, business plan

Ulla Imhasly

People & Leadership

Mathias Keller

Corporate Taxation

Nils Kuypers

Revenue Management, Distribution

Alice Leu


Arno Luginbühl

Company foundation

Vinzenz Meier

Care Gastronomy

Samuel Menti

Design, construction project and planning

Fabian Messer


Dirk Mewes

People & Leadership

Sara Moser

People & Leadership

Karl Neff

System and Event Catering

Stefan Otz


Mirco Plozza

People & Leadership

Stefan Ryser


Cristina Sommer

Housekeeping Outsourcing

Sascha Spiegel

Gastronomy, Hotel Industry

Lea Staub

People & Leadership

Simone Tillmann

Social Media

Katharina Wengenmaier-Frey

Personnel dossier, administration

Marco Zysset